real-time online support by real people

88% of internet users scream for it(Benchmark)

Start discussion in front of the same screen, at the right time !

  • Organize your agents/experts in service communities and display global service availability
  • Propose internally or externally an instant access to those communities for a real-time service
  • Support customer's requests are notified immediately to available agents/experts
  • Mesure and set value to real-time service given via Chat / Screen sharing / Remote access

Offer each customer a Web interaction close to a store experience

+25% conversion rate for real-time supported customers
(market feedback)

 Reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction

-30% support cost and 77% problem resolution at first request
(market feedback)

Share the know-how and develop skills among users

90% know-how memorization rate for P2P guided practices
(academic study)

We easily integrate our white label solutions in all your professional IT systems and all your digital media

integration API To enable the best of real-time online support, we publish our APIs (account, presence, user ID, user recognition, notification, connection, ticket creation, accounting, reporting, ...) to easily integrate our solution, in the cloud or on-premises, within the working environment of the agents/experts (advertizing publishers, web sites, emailing, CRM, ERP, Office suite, intranet, accounting, ITMS, contact center, Professional software, ...)


To discover and test our account management API, it's here

To discover and test our presence, notification and reporting API, it's there

An easy management entirely from your professional application software

  • Create your service communities by language, territory, know-how, interaction channel, authentification pattern, identification form
  • Integrate the community access points in all your digital media
  • Mesure the real-time service rendered by each community and analyse the performances

Creation & configuration of service communities

Service community

Integration of community access points (widget)


live chat widget

live support widget

live chat widget

Mesure, value and control service performances


mesure control value

The best synchronous interaction price offer

No hidden cost, no long option list, no usage restriction



Chat without screen sharing nor remote control

Clic-to-Chat + Clic-to-Show
+ Clic-to-Share

Chat with screen sharing and/or remote control


15€/month per agent simultaneous session*


150€ per agent simultaneous session* + 20%/year


35€/month per agent simultaneous session*


350€ per agent simultaneous session* + 20%/year

 * One "agent simultaneous session" means one agent communication with one or several customers at a time.

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